Business Patterns CX_WORK_FLOW_Delivery

Business Process Delivery Note Item - CX_WORK_FLOW

A business process is mapped in ClassiX® using the class CX_WORK_FLOW as business process identifier and - for the possible statuses of the documents within this business process - with objects of the class CX_STATE_MONITOR.

In our example, the business process of a delivery note item is considered, which can have the states "Created", "Packed", "Booked" and "Invoiced". The transition rules of a delivery note item from one status to another are mapped using objects of the class CX_CONDITIONED_BAG, which are stored as "transitions" in CX_STATE_MONITOR.

Although not shown here in the picture, it is possible to switch from one state to several different states, depending on the condition fulfilled.

The documents within a state (of a CX_STATE_MONITOR) are held in the collection "transactions", with the collection "monitors" as a back reference.
CX WORK FLOW Delivery En

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