Test page for translation

Test page for translation

This is a test. General text that is pretty good


  • Text without:
    • Staff member
    • Supplier
    • Sales order
    • Purchase order
    • Partner role
    • Transaction
    • List unbooked bank statements
  • Text with:

New content after update to 21.3.

  • New content after update to 21.4.
    • Link to instantview.org with older version
    • Link on appswarehouse.de with older version
  • New content after update to 24.x.

Link to other page (This is a test). This is another test


This is an alternative text
This is a description


further text with formatting

As we used to have separate wikis for the languages, these were installed in the respective subfolder (de or en) and our application automatically assembles the help link via the current language. /CX_LANG/CX_LANG_AppsWH_help page.

For a shared wiki, the same must move one level higher into the root directory.
The old traffic must then be redirected to the language subdirectory via the .htaccess file. In this way, established search result links should also remain accessible.

This is a title
int test = 0; test++;



RewriteRule ^de/(.*)$ /$1 [R=301,NC,L]